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Justin Jin is a 17-year-old entrepreneur born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. Dubbed "a media mogul" by Forbes Magazine, he is the founder of Poybo Media Group and currently serves as chief executive. The company reaches over 450 million people online and serves hundreds of the globe's largest advertisers.

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Jin turn[ed] a passion into a series of lucrative businesses that are prompting people in the media industry to rethink the way they distribute content.


Jin maintains a calm-yet-powerful demeanor. He has never enrolled in a media communications or marketing course or taken outside venture capital.

Jin is one of the few digital publishers who seem to have cracked a riddle: how do you produce relatable, amateur-ish content that will also make money?


Starting out, he had tooth fairy money. And yet, the 16-year-old CEO from Vancouver, Canada, built a fast-growing media startup that hits the eyes of hundreds of millions.

A hyper-active amalgam: simultaneously a gaming community, a purveyor of cute dog videos, and a perpetual pop-culture monger.


Soon, Justin’s quietly-run social accounts began to blow up with views soaring into the hundreds of millions.

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